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What To Do after a Fire


  • AVOID secondary damage. The property will need to be secured and the contents of the home will need to be evaluated
  • CALL your insurance professional to file a claim
  • NOTIFY your mortgage company or any liens holders

The Process:

Most people have not been through a fire so it is a unique situation. Being thorough in all of your research and taking your time to make educated decisions is extremely important.

Interview 2-3 fire restoration contractors and figure out who can accommodate your rebuilding plan going forward.


You want to find a cleaning company and contractor who will work with YOUR best interests in mind. Make sure you have an experienced contractor who is familiar with fire restoration work to insure your repair is done properly.

Your Rights:

It is you’re your right to choose any contractor for your repair. You do not have to go with who the insurance company recommends.

Additional Living Expenses:

In many cases, insurance companies will reimburse for additional living expenses. For example, if you normally spend $100 per week on groceries and after the fire you spend $150 due to being out of your home, your insurance company may pay the additional $50.

Contents Documentation:

As a homeowner it is your job to prove your loss. This means helping to document all of the total loss content items. Many times the insurance company will help to document your loss. Documenting is extremely important before any items are removed from your property.

Do’s and Don’ts after a Fire 

  • DO NOT throw any contents away before they are documented in detail. This isy our proof of what you lost
  • DO NOT disturb the origin of the fire until any investigation is done
  • DO take any cash, jewelry, and valuables out
  • DO keep all receipts for every dollar spent after the fire. Most of this will be reimbursed as additional living expenses or replacement items.

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